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Best wedding planner in Chandigarh

The perfect beginning is a wedding and event management company based in Chandigarh. Our company The Perfect Beginning offers its services across North India. With the help of The Perfect Beginning, you can make your wedding or any other event very memorable.

We give you the best and most accurate work and help you in making your wedding, birthday or any other event a success. Our company works with full sincerity and hard work so that you do not face any kind of problem in your event. We have a lot of packages according to your budget, you can suck any of them and make your wedding or another event memorable and successful. The perfect beginning is one of best wedding planner in Chandigarh  and the event management company


Your occasion is generally the primary touch point for your objective customer, and we endeavor towards making an ideal window which speaks to your image most genuinely conceivable. For us, the grins on our customer’s face is a high like no other, and we investigate every possibility to get that going.

“Trust us to make your next occasion genuinely significant and you will have the fondest recollections of the occasion.”

The perfect beginning is one of the top event management companies in Chandigarh. We are a full-administration occasion arranging and structuring organization work in corporate events, non-benefit pledge events, wedding planner, social occasions and an assortment of different events that are particular inside and out. While sorting out very good quality occasions, we make an ideal mix of style, refinement, and innovative energy that makes them a triumph.


Why our company is better than the rest of the event management and wedding planner company. By the way, you will get to see a lot of event management companies, but why should you book order from our company, leaving the rest of the companies. I am going to answer all the questions in your mind today.

Service we offer you

Venue Booking

Venue Booking in chandigarh

Deciding a good and perfect venue booking is not an easy thing. When we go to see the place for our wedding or any other event we have to keep in mind many things. And it takes too much time to choose a perfect venues or location that fits you.

So here we mention some points you need to keep in mind before or while choosing a perfect and ideal venue for your event.

Florist Events

Now let’s talk about the flower decoration, about the Florist events. If there is no good decoration at the wedding, then there will be no fun at all in the wedding, so now how can we make our marriage memorable. If you want a very nice decorations at your wedding, then you will have to contact a professional event management company that will decorate your wedding and other beautiful flowers in all other events.

TPB-flower-photo Florist Events

Mahanadi Ceremony

Mehndi Ceremony

All of you must know that all the festivals in our great country India celebrated with great pomp. But here, we will discuss an extraordinary ceremony at the wedding, which is mehndi. Mehndi Ceremony are the first done before the wedding, in which very beautiful mehndi applied in the hands of the bride and groom. When henna applied to the bride, the name groom means the husband hidden in the design of that mehndi and the same done in henna of the groom. When application of mehndi made in hands of the groom, she is not going outside of its house.

Ring Ceremony

Ring ceremony, also called engagement ceremonies, is a very important ritual or ceremony in Hinduism in which the bride and groom wear each other’s ring in front of all the people. This tradition has been going on since the Vedic era.  In this tradition, when the bride and groom wear rings to each other, the groom’s family and the bride’s family include each other in their family and the bride’s family allows their daughter to join the groom’s family.

Also, the groom’s family takes responsibility for himself that he will always take care of the bride and will be responsible for every event of the future. and will always keep her happy.

Ring ceremony


wedding ceremony dance


Now let’s talk about an essential thing that is entertainment. If you do not have enjoyment in your life, then you will not enjoy life at all. If there is no entertainment in your marriage, then your wedding will not be fun at all, and the wedding will become boring. So the show is significant in marriage.

You already know how many rituals take place in a marriage, and marriage is an essential part of every human’s life. Every person remembers their wedding day. So to make our wedding even more memorable, there should be more and more entertainment at the wedding.


Now let’s talk about another essential thing which is wedding photo. With the help of photography, you can keep your beautiful moments of marriage. So this photo is of three types.

● Pre-wedding photography.

● Wedding photography.

● Post-wedding photography.

It would be best if you got p done at your wedding or else you will never see the beautiful moments of your marriage later. So let’s talk about this subject further.

wedding Photography

Wedding Ceremony

wedding ceremony



Wedding Ceremony is a very sacred relationship, and it is a combination of two souls. When boys marry girls, they dedicate their entire lives to each other. There are many rituals in marriage, and all the rituals are going on since ancient times. Most ceremonies are in Hinduism. And different religions have different rituals in their marriage. Marriage is a vital part of every human’s life.

Our Mission

It is the most exciting and rewarding job on the planet. There is nothing quite like the buzz of delivering a “show”- It’s creative , energetic , intense & totally varied . No day is same To deliver extraordinary events. To inspire the world with our hard work. To create value and make a difference…

About Us

One day when one of the co-founders of TPB visited their friend marriage and found how difficult it is for family members to enjoy their function due to arranging and organizing everything. Lately, when they searched about it found a massive gap between the guest and planner planning with the main reason of planner taking it as another task. October 2017- When Two enthusiastic young people Mr.Rahil Chauhan & Mr. Varun Verma joined together and formed THE PERFECT BEGINNING. The cumulative experience of 20+ years of Service industry has helped to grow the platform on their own.We prefer to meet you as early as possible in your planning, for us it’s not a task to complete. Everlasting memories while cherishing them for life is our goal to our guests.